Studies & Researches

XERDAN constantly develops studies and researches because we are convinced that a continuous flowing of knowledge is fundamental for our own growth and for our clients results. We want to share our own experience in an evolving environment, that requires the highest professional creativity, to be addressed to with success.

XERDAN intends to disseminate a way to operate characterized by strategic thinking and intercultural relationships that will answer the future challenges for the society, the economy, the environment and the culture. That is why an important part of our activity is dedicated to studies and researches. Articles and seminars, lectures and conferences are produced on important themes such as Systemic Thinking, Comprehensive Sustainability, Society Interrelationships, Civil-Military Synergies, Security in the European Metropolitan Areas, Intercultural Relationships, Health & Science, Energy, Environment, as a key to prevent, to bypass and to overcome the potential crises, including not only the society, the corporate or the group, but also the personal level, plus all their connections and implications.

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