Xerdan ProjectsXERDAN develops projects in all its interest fields, Comprehensive Sustainability, Strategic Design. Intercultural Connections and Self Development:

The X_Sphere© Multidimensional Matrix is the base on which all activities are conducted. It is an ongoing, ever growing, ever evolving system that increases its effectiveness with its applications. At the moment, the studies are proceeding toward a software that will allow to effectively input a large amount of data into the matrix, so to rapidly elaborate all the possible variants and issues of the analyzed system.

Comprehensive Sustainability is the guide for project & planning for energy management, resources management, impact assessments, optimization retrofit of buildings, renewable energies, energy and water optimization management, global sustainability goals at local or regional level.

Strategic Design is how XERDAN applies its own capacities to recognize and to evolve answers to its Clients needs. We know: “strategic design” is an abused figure – in particular inside marketing contexts. We actually do not share those modalities: Strategic Design, for us, is true project and planning, based on our knowledge and experience and aimed to the true Clients objectives. To actually create new tangible results being that a new way to manage a territory, security in a city, welfare in a region, sustainability, crises response, and even a new company management concept.

Download here our articles about Xerdan's projects:

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