Emergency Response Seminar

The EMERGENCY RESPONSE seminars are short seminars meant to support the people to be prepared spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally for any emergency that can arise in their life. It doesn't matter if we are man or a woman, if we are young or old – it can be always time to learn how to use our skills and our preparedness in order to respond efficiently and safely to any unexpected critical situation we can meet in our everyday life. To be ready for an emergency can improve our everyday life and give us confidence, for our selves and the people around us.

What fundamental points will be learned during the EMERGENCY RESPONSE seminars?

We will get aware of:

  • What is an emergency
  • Which exceptional events can happen
  • What are the strategies we can adopt
  • How we think and move in a team
  • Our Self-Leadership
  • What is Chain of Command
  • How we train and we get ready
  • Which tools and equipment we need
  • Which plants we can use and how
  • What we must avoid
  • How we live after an emergency

We will learn about efficient techniques known by Natives and by Militaries all over the world. We will learn strategies from the Old School of Sun Tzu. We will be focused on: how to prepare our equipments, positioning in space and time, finding and treating water and food, recognizing the plants, communication, and designing our life - and that of our beloved ones - into a next future.

Why you should be interested in EMERGENCY RESPONSE seminars?

People preparedness is essential in order to reduce risks, avoid waste of resources and energies, avoid unnecessary consequences on humans. Being prepared for the more intense possible events and together be trained for the minor accidents that can happen in the everyday life individually and in our society is important and worthy.

How do the EMERGENCY RESPONSE seminars work?

The seminars are organized in a week-end, starting from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, for a total of 15 hours. Some exercises will involve the participants into teamwork and the direct learning of the techniques. The minimum number of participants is 12. The EMERGENCY RESPONSE seminars are designed to introduce the fundaments to think and react to critical or unexpected events in our life, from the more common ones to the most exceptional, in order to achieve an inner knowledge of our capacity to work in team, of our own self-leadership and the potentialities we can have for ourselves and the others in any possible situation – included in our daily life.

How are the seminars organized?

All the seminars are articulated as much as possible according with specific needs and timing required by the participants. Specific lessons can be added, on request. The seminars are of 15 hours.

To know more about EMERGENCY RESPONSE SEMINAR, please contact us “BE A WARRIOR, NOT A WORRIER”