XERDAN is a consultancy company operating for Comprehensive Sustainability, Strategic Design, Intercultural Connections and Self Development. We care about organizational and personal evolution.

We invented and use an exclusive multidimensional matrix – X_Sphere©, that allows us to systematize all the concurring elements, from the preventive/mitigation, assessment, management, to post-monitoring, going through planning and design, logistics, media and communication coordination, and including education and training. We also provide personal support for self evolution and health with Nature. We internationally operate for public, governmental entities, private companies, and single individuals.

XERDAN can provide consultancies, studies & researches, projects, lectures, conferences, seminars, management, coordination & organization. Our teachers and trainers make seminars and training all over the world – excited from the variety of the People and of Life we meet and we share reciprocal knowledge with. We like to make training into Nature, more often in the Mediterranean, just because of the environmental opportunities that are present there – all along the whole year. All the seminars and training can be organized and articulated according with the specific needs and the timing required by the participants. Specific lessons can be added, on request.

For every information about Xerdan consultancies, projects, courses, seminars and training, for every information about what we can do for you, please contact us through the form. We will take care to reply you quickly.

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