Vince Di Dato

Vincenzo Di DatoVince Di Dato is Strategy Designer, with a long experience in crisis areas, in Middle East, Central Asia, Central America, Sub-Sahara Africa, and in United States. He begins his career as Architect and Designer, mainly working on sustainability in industrial productions. He won the Compasso d'Oro in 1987 among many other recognitions and prizes; His projects have been published and presented internationally, also at XVII Triennale di Milano and at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Later on, he re- oriented his activity towards systems analysis and their interconnections, until the most recent development of the X_Sphere© Design methodology.

He worked as Emergency Manager in several major crisis events – both natural and human induced, in Italy and abroad, since the Irpinia earthquake in 1980, until L'Aquila in 2009; he coordinated humanitarian, rescue and recovery teams in Ukraine and Russia in 1993 and in Albania and Kosovo in 1999. He attained specializations within Italian and European Civil Protection. In 1991 he was in Kuwait, in the middle of the burning oil fields, to study and witness the evolution of the environmental crisis after the First Gulf War, making reportages. He then traveled in Yemen, in Mongolia and Siberia to write articles, studies and analysis. In 2005 he has been appointed Project Director for the Darfur and in Kassala, in Sudan, for Italian Cooperation - Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2003 he entered the I° Course for Officers of the Special Reserve of the Italian Army and, right after, the I° Course for CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) Functional Specialists NATO. As Reserve Officer and Military Engineer, he made one turn in Iraq, with the Sassari Brigade in 2003-2004 and three turns in Afghanistan as Project OffIcer, between 2009 and 2013 at the Provincial Reconstruction Team of Herat. In Iraq he has also been Deputy for the Public Works of the Governor of the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) of Dhi Qar Province, in 2004. He attained several NATO training certificates and the SPHERE PROJECT training. Between 1995 and 2005 he worked as top manager in Energy Service Companies (ESCos) and started three Energy Agencies inside EU network programs.

Professor at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano from 2006 to 2010 and tutor for the Master courses in sustainable design. Professor in a Master at Università Pontificia San Bonaventura in Roma, teaching Triple Bottom Line concepts applied to geopolitics and social conflicts, evolving then the Quadruple Bottom Line, that adds “culture” to the three pillars (environment-economy-society). Since 2010 he teaches Civil-Military Synergies for the Italian Army Military Advisors for the Afghan National Army, at Centro Addestramento Alpino, in Aosta, and he works on new paradigms about conflicts evolution (in the wider sense) and the potential of non-lethal, non-violent activities to prevent and to solve them.

He also cooperates to an innovative project in Sardinia: the Earth Child House (, a biosphere to guest severely ill children and their mothers- parents for short periods of serenity and beauty, in a natural and protected environment, developed together with the Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of Alghero – University of Sassari and the Bioarchitecture Department of the Bovisa School of the Politecnico di Milano.

Among others, he writes and paint, convinced that Art it is fundamental for the human spirit understanding and to open new paths to creativity and imagination to give new solutions to the turbulences of our societies.
One of the main experts of Sun Tzu and active member in ISTRID (Istituto Ricerche, Studi Informazioni Difesa) in Italy. Presently he is General Director of XERDAN Ltd, in Malta, and advisor for organization & resources for San Marino RTV, State Television of the Republic of San Marino; he is publishing a translation of a book of Richard Buckminster Fuller (for Il Saggiatore, in 2017), he is working on an Italian version of Sun-Tzu Art of Strategy and he collaborates with several magazines in Italy.

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